Wilson Ceramics

About the Artist 

  All of the pieces on this site were designed and created by Matthew Wilson. Matt has a passion for pieces that move people, while also providing a functional presence.

His love for nature and the wheel speak strongly to his work. Matt’s designs can best be described as collaboration between functional pieces and naturalistic styles, turned into intricate assemblages. He uses wheel-thrown objects commonly used in function, such as plates, bowls, and cups, and alters them into obscure and complex pieces.

So how did he get to this point? Matt’s interest in art began with the gen-ed art classes required of all students in elementary school. As he progressed from finger painting to pot throwing, he knew he wanted to pursue a future in art. Following his passion, Matt earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in ceramics at the State University of New York at Oswego and also received his Masters in Art Education (K-12).

Matt is currently 6th through 8th art teacher at Norwich Middle School in Norwich, NY. He is also a former adjunct professor of ceramics from SUNY Oswego. He regularly teaches classes the Chenango Arts Council and was recently featured in WSKG PBS's series Artist Cafe.

Matt’s work is constantly evolving and is popping up in showcases throughout New York State. If you’re interested in purchasing a piece, or have any questions for the artist, click on the Contact tab with your request.


Check out our classes at the Chenango Arts Council in Norwich, NY 

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